Covid-19 Response

To Our Loyal Patrons & Supporters

As of Monday, March 16, our dining room has been closed and will remain closed until Covid-19 sanctions have been lifted for restaurants and bars in Michigan. During this time, we will continue to offer our limited yet popular curbside pick-up menu. This opportunity will allow us to continue to support our staff and their families while dishing up some great food offerings for the community.

From the onset, we took extensive measures to ensure we were following proper guidelines and sanitation practices. In fact, we closed completely for one week to make our own assessments of the Covid-19 crisis and the steps we could take together collectively to ensure our staff and our community members were as safe as possible.

Since that time and opening back up for curbside pick-up, we continue to strictly follow the guidelines of the CDC as well as food industry experts to ensure we are doing all that we can to ensure the safety of our staff, their families and our community.

This is an uncertain time for everyone. We promise to be diligent in our efforts to ensure a safe operation while offering our community some small amount of comfort in the way of great food and giant smiles. We appreciate your continued support of our restaurant, our staff, and their families.